The Victorian Government recently relaunched 2022 Fair Play Code, an update of the 2018 blueprint that sets out the standards of behaviour expected of everyone involved in sport and active recreation.

At the heart of the Fair Play Code (FPC) are five principles of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Fairness. These principles apply to everyone involved in sport in Victoria, no matter what role they play. Bad behaviour, violence, cheating and intimidation has no place in sport and active recreation in our state.

With around 2.2 million participants, 980,000 paid staff and volunteers, 12,000 sports clubs, 9,500 community sports facilities, sport and active recreation is an integral part of Victoria’s social life, and we need your help to promote the important messages of the FPC.

With increasing instances of unethical behaviour in Victorian sport, your support is needed to ensure that the FPC and its messaging have a place in every facility across every sport in the state. It is also a requirement that the Code be actively promoted, adhered to and enforced by all Victorian Government funded sporting clubs.

Sport and Recreation Victoria has also developed a supporting survey to gain an understanding of the types of issues being experienced across the sport in Victoria to assist in targeting support for clubs and organisations.

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