Finals are here!

This table has the teams, venues and Umpires for this week’s finals.

All the first name listed teams are “Home” teams and therefore are responsible to prepare the ground for play.

“Home” teams are to supply stumps, cones, scorers table, score board and ensure the pitch markings are completed.
Live scoring is mandatory in the Shield finals, and where possible in all lower grade Grand Finals. If lower grades are not using Live Scoring, please update scores on mycricket every 10 overs.

Spectators and Players behaviour.

The Umpires will monitor player behaviour on the ground. They will not get involved with crowd behaviour. The crowd behaviour is the responsibility of the Club’s. Board members will be roving around grounds and have the power to report incidents, either on ground or off, to the Match Review Panel or the Association Executive.

Good luck to all the Club’s that have made finals this weekend, and remember you are representing your Club which then reflects onto the Association, so remember to play within the spirit of cricket and the Laws of the game.

Enjoy the experience and have fun.