An update on a few items: 

3.24.2   Extreme Weather:

If, on the day of scheduled play, the forecast temperature by the bureau of meteorology is 38 degrees Celsius or above, or for rain that may make the ground’s unplayable, the General Manager and Senior Sub-Committee shall meet/discuss on the morning of the scheduled days play, or, in extreme, circumstances anytime in the week leading up to the day and make a decision on the merits of playing or abandoning senior matches for the day.

The decision to abandon play can be made before the day of play if the General Manager and Senior Sub-Committee feel that preceding extreme weather or an extreme forecast could put our association members at risk.

Such factors as relative humidity, pollution levels, wind, expected change in weather during the course of the days play and ground conditions shall be taken into account when determining the safety of association players, umpires, scorers, officials and spectators.

Advice may also be sought from third parties in making this decision.

A decision must be made by 10.30 a.m. on the day of play at the latest and shall be conveyed to all clubs by Noon ONLY if the decision is to abandon the days play. If the decision is to abandon play, this means all matches shall be abandoned.

If there is no abandonment of play and the weather reaches 38 degrees at the Viewbank weather station after the commencement of play, the General Manager shall notify all Clubs that play shall cease immediately for a period of 20 minutes.

If this stoppage is within 20 minutes of the scheduled tea break, then the tea break shall be taken.

The General Manager, shall monitor the weather and take into consideration of any forecast conditions that could affect the recommencement of play, (cool change, cloud coverage, humidity levels, wind strength and direction etc.).

If, after the 20 minute break and in the General Manager’s opinion, the weather conditions are not likely to abate, then he shall contact all Clubs to inform them that play will be abandoned for the remainder of the day.

If, after the 20 minute break and in the General Manager opinion, the weather conditions could change to allow play, then he shall contact all Clubs to inform them that play can recommence.

If play is allowed to recommence, actions which may assist in safe play include;   Extra drink breaks (i.e. every 40 minutes and as needed)   An extension to the tea break of up to ten (10) minutes, and   An extension to the change of innings breaks of up to five (5) minutes.   Umpires are advised to extend the scheduled time of completion to allow for these extra breaks.