Preston YCW District Cricket Club (“PYCWCC”) was formed in 1982 from the amalgamation of Regent District Cricket Club and Preston YCW Cricket Club. Both Clubs had played off in the finals in A Grade of the Jika Cricket Association the prior season. PYCWCC was a club full of older talent yet lacking in younger players while Regent District was over flowing with young people. Together they would form a formidable club. Moore Park in Reservoir, the home of Regent Districts, was chosen as the new clubs home ground and the club colours of black and red were adopted.

Success followed not long after with back to back ‘A Grade’ premierships in 1984-85 and 1985-86. Although further premiership success has not been achieved in the highest grade the Club has won numerous premierships throughout the Jika Cricket Association Grades and the newly formed North Metro Cricket Association at both senior and junior level.

The Club has been a leader in the northern suburbs in nurturing junior talent and providing a safe and well-structured learning environment for young people to play cricket. The Club also has a long history of instilling in its members’ the need to always put the Club first over the individual and this has been paramount in maintaining a family friendly environment where all are welcome.

In recent times the Club has formed a strong association with the West Preston Lakeside Football Club with whom we share the facilities at Moore Park and a close working relationship has developed between the two clubs. Several years ago the Club decided to adopt the rooster mascot similar to West Preston Lakeside FC. The Club colours were also changed to dark blue and red. This was done to more accurately reflect the heritage of the two foundation clubs, red belonging to Preston YCW and dark blue to Regent District.

Today the Club is a member of the North Metro Cricket Association and Moore Park is still the location of Club headquarters.


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J.E. Moore Park
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