The Camrea Cricket Club was first formed in 1931. It tasted its first success with a Premiership in 1942/43. But it wasn’t until the mid to late 1990’s that the Camrea Cricket Club became one of the competition’s most successful and feared clubs. During a period of over two decades the club managed to win 20 Premierships, including five A Grade ‘flags’.

Recently after ending a successful merger with the Thomastown Cricket Club that began back in 2004, the club re-located to John Hall Reserve in Kingsbury. It has re-established its name once again, and settled into a new home. Once again the Camrea Cricket Club is beginning its newest journey to success.

Forever known as the ‘Family’ club to all its members and to all who visit, Camrea has its doors open to everyone, offering its generosity, warmth, and friendship to everyone.

So why not ‘give it a go’. Contact us now for all the information you need.


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John Hall Reserve
188 Dunne St
Bundoora VIC 3083