About Us

Reservoir COBRAs is an amalgamation of 3 clubs – Clelands, Oakhill and Bell Ramblers Cricket Clubs. The C.O.B.Ra-s were formed in 2004.

The oldest of these 3 clubs, Bell Ramblers, was established in 1923 – in the 2nd year of the Jika Cricket Association (now the North Metro Cricket Association). The Clelands Cricket Club was established in 1960; and Oakhill Cricket Club in 1975. In 1988, these 2 clubs amalgamated to form the Oakhill
Clelands Cricket Club.

The home of the COBRAS is at CT Barling Reserve located on Plenty Road, Reservoir, opposite Reservoir District Secondary College, between Summerhill Shopping Centre and Darebin Creek. We have excellent clubrooms and facilities in a fantastic open space, with walking/cycling paths along the Darebin creek, utilised by many in the community.

Senior Men’s teams

Like most sporting clubs, the Cobras have seen on-field success over the years. In the 2014/15 and the 2018/19 seasons, all 3 Senior Men’s teams won the shield in their grades. More recently, our 3rds won the shield in 2020/21.

The Club currently has its 1st XI team competing in A Grade for the Jika Shield; the 2nd XI are competing in the B grade for the Adams Shield; and the 3rd XI are in E Grade competing for the Kemp Shield.

Veteran’s Team

The last time the Club had a Veteran’s team was in the 2011/12 season.

After a successful Past Players Day at the end of the 2020/21 season, the Club decided to reinstate a Veteran’s team to attract older, retired players back to the game.

Our Aim

The Reservoir Cobras Cricket Club aims to be an inclusive, communityfocused club, that provides opportunities for people, from diverse backgrounds, to be physically active, meet new people and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Our Vision is to continue to be a progressive and inclusive environment that fosters community connection and positive mental health for our members whether they be players, volunteers or supporters.


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CT Barling Reserve
Plenty Rd
Reservoir VIC 3073