West Preston Cricket Club, known as the Sharks, was formed in 1916. Our home ground is Zwar Park Reserve, corner of Jessie and Bruce Street, Preston. We are a very multicultural club with a family environment amongst all our players and supporters. There has been a lot of changes over the years. Zwar Park used to have 4 grounds and no clubrooms at all. The players had to get down early to the game, set up a tent with sandbags attached and hope the wind didn’t blow it away.
In 1974, the council converted Zwar Park into 2 grounds, and later on just the 1. It was during this time we were moved to a different ground. First in Kingsbury, then Reservoir. In 2011, our committee fought had for the right to return to our home ground. The rest is history, we were successful, and have grown in numbers since our return to Zwar Park.
We currently have an experienced coach, 3 senior teams, an Under 10’s team, an Under 12’s team, and a Woolworths Cricket Blast program that teaches kids from 5 to 9 years old the basics of cricket.


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West Preston




Zwar Park
Cnr Jessie and Bruce Street
Preston VIC 3072