We acknowledge that Cricket in a pandemic is a privilege, not a right. We all need to ensure we are all doing the right thing to ensure the safety of players, volunteers, officials and the local community.

These match rules are an addendum to the full NMCA Match day rules and by-laws as published.

Where these rules contradict or are inconsistent with any other NMCA rule or by-law, the Covid-19 rule or by-law takes precedent, or overrides the other rule or by-law.

These rules and by-laws apply to ALL NMCA sections, and may be amended during the season as required. If changes are enacted, Club’s will be advised, the NMCA Website and Facebook will be updated.

The playing conditions, and enforcement of those playing conditions are in step with Cricket Australia’s and Cricket Victoria’s Return to Play Practical Guidelines, ensuring playing conditions are safe for all participants, officials and volunteers.

CR = Covid19 Rule:

CR1        CR1.1     Team Sheets:

No physical team sheets will be used in any matches.

It is compulsory that teams are selected in MyCricket before the match commences.

Opposition Captains and/or Team Managers shall then show the selected team to each other and the Umpire. The Captains shall take a photo of the opposition team sheet for reference.

CR.1.2   Changes to selected team before game:

If at any time before the game commences, a player is unable to take part in the game they are selected in, the player shall be removed from the team on mycricket and the replacement player added. All Club’s should have at least one player per team that has access to the mycricket administration platform and be trained to select teams.

CR.2       Match drawn if abandoned due to Covid-19:

Where a game is abandoned after it is commenced, for any reason related to Covid-19, the match will be declared a draw, and 3 points awarded to each team.

CR.3       CR.3.1   Umpires NOT to handle the ball:

The umpire (s) are at no time to handle the ball. At the end of each over, and after a wicket falls, the bowler or fielder will leave the ball at the base of the stumps. The next bowler will collect the ball.

CR.3.2   Umpires NOT to hold player’s gear:

No items worn by a player shall be touched by another person. This includes any items that a bowler takes off to bowl their over (e.g. jumper, sunglasses, cap). These items are not to be held by an umpire or given to another player.

An area around 20m behind the umpire at the bowlers end in line with the stumps (e.g. at the top of run-up).  Player’s gear is to be placed by the player themselves at this spot.

If player’s gear that has been placed in this area is struck by the ball it will be declared a ‘dead ball’ and re-bowled (except for helmets and fielding equipment – normal penalties apply).

CR.4:      Stumps:

The stumps at both ends of the wicket will ONLY be handled by the umpire(s). It is either umpire’s responsibility to reset the stumps if the wicket is broken during the game.

CR.5:      Hygiene breaks:

Hygiene breaks will be taken every 40 minutes or 10 overs at minimum, unless a hygiene break has been taken for some other reason. The following routine is to be followed. The same routine should be followed at any drinks break, the fall of a wicket, close of an innings, any other breaks in the game (rain etc.), or immediately following any breaches resulting in Enforcement Procedures (see CR.10).

  • All participants and umpire(s) on the field should clean their hands with a suitable sanitiser.
  • The ball is to be cleaned with an antimicrobial wipe.

In all senior matches, the fielding captain is responsible for cleaning the ball.

In all junior matches, the fielding team’s coach or team manager is responsible for cleaning the ball.

The person responsible for cleaning the ball must ensure they have cleaned their hands with sanitiser first, and consider wearing disposable gloves whilst cleaning the ball.

Umpires will clean the stumps before setting the stumps in the ground before the match.

Bins must be made available to dispose of wipes and gloves.

CR.6:      Scorers and scoreboard:

Scorers shall maintain a 1.5m distance at all times. Any equipment used (iPad, pens, etc.) shall be wiped (with an alcohol-based antibacterial with minimum 70% alcohol) before use and each time a new scorer is required.

No other person is to approach the scorer’s table. All persons must remain at least 1.5m away from scorers. It is recommended an “exclusion zone” be marked around the scorers. Line marked on the ground, ropes or cones is sufficient.

CR.7:      It will a requirement that during the game all non-participating players be seated together in a designated area as close as acceptable to the scorers. This area should be coned off and signage erected to indicate that this area is for players and officials only. These players must be compliant with the Covid19 protocols Non participants should not be allowed in this area.

CR.8:      Drinks breaks:

Players and official MUST provide their own drinks. The teams will NOT provide drinks in any match.

CR.9:      Tea break:

Players and officials MUST provide their own snacks/food. The home team is NOT to provide food to be shared at tea break

Teams should consider having a shortened tea break, if other breaks such as hygiene breaks have caused the game to run behind time.


CR.10:   Sweat and/or Saliva Placed on the Ball:

Playing Condition CR.10

  1. At no time in a match should any participant place sweat and/or saliva on the cricket ball for any purpose.


Intentional:        When a participant, aware of the playing conditions, wilfully places saliva and/or sweat on the ball for the purpose of gaining an advantage in gameplay,

Unintentional: When a participant accidentally places saliva and/or sweat on the ball with no underlying intention to gain advantage in gameplay. For example, if a fielder habitually licks his/her fingers before the ball is delivered as a matter of routine.

Where a player, coach or team manager is acting as an umpire, that person is an umpire as defined and will follow the enforcement procedures below.

Enforcement Procedures

Sweat and/or saliva placed on the ball shall be based on “Team” occurrences – e.g. if player X unintentionally places saliva on the ball that is the first occurrence. If player Y later in the same match places sweat on the ball, then that is the second occurrence.

Penalties will be applied to individuals for repeated offences by the same participant.

  1. The umpires(s) shall call time, if necessary,
  2. The umpire(s) shall summon and inform the offending player’s captain of his/her breach of Playing Condition CR.10.
  3. The umpire(s) may choose to enforce the following penalties:
    1. In the first occurrence the umpire(s) shall deliver a first and final warning to the captain and the team,
    2. In the second occurrence the umpire(s) shall award 5 penalty runs to the batting team,
    3. Any following occurrence the umpire(s) shall award a further 5 penalty runs to the batting team,
    4. Where an umpire believes a player has intentionally placed sweat or saliva on the ball, the umpire will report the player,
    5. Where a player breaches this rule for a second time in the same match, whether unintentionally or intentionally placing sweat or saliva on the ball, the umpire will report the player,
    6. The umpire shall advise the captain and the player that they are reported for attempting to gain an unfair advantage,
    7. The umpire(s), if they feel that health and safety has compromised to such an extent that play has become dangerous, may choose to abandon the match,
  4. The umpire(s) will direct the fielding captain to carry out the cleaning direction on the ball before resuming play.

CR11:     Payments to umpires:

Payment to umpires may be made electronically if both the club and the umpire agree and are in a position to do so.  Captains or other club representatives should discuss with the umpire prior to the game if the umpire is able to receive payment electronically.

If payment is to be made by cash, notes collected by the club should be placed in a plastic bag, and must be sanitised (spray sanitiser is recommended), before being handed to the umpire.


CR12:    Physical (Social) Distance & Face masks: 

Off-field:      All people attending cricket matches (players, volunteers, spectators, scorers, canteen staff etc.) are to maintain a 1.5m distance from others at all times before, during and post-match and wear a face mask whilst off-field. 

On-field:       Players & umpires shall not gather within 1.5m before and after play, during any breaks, following wickets and shall minimise any time spent within 1.5m of another person whilst play is underway. Umpires are required to wear a face mask; however, this is optional for on-field players.